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Dr. Cole’s BMAC & PRP Basics

General Information

The Use of OrthoBiologics in Clinical Practice

Different types of OrthoBiologics include:

Adipose Tissue Injections

The Use of Fat to Augment Healing (Lipogem Procedure)

What is Lipogem?

Bone Marrow Aspirate Stem Cell Procedure

Angel Patient Guide

How Stem Cells Will Shape Tomorrow’s Health Care

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

ACP Patient Guide

Is Biologic Treatment Right For You?

Review Articles

Biologics in shoulder and elbow pathology (2020)

Crystal Ball: Dr. Cole Contemplates Future of Sports Medicine

Overview of Biologics at Rush (2017)

Patch Augmentation and Extension for Complex Rotator Cuff Tears (2018)

Safety and Efficacy of Postoperative Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs in Sports Medicine

The utility of Biologics and Cartilage Transplantation Techniques (2018)

Use of Bone Marrow Concentrate Improves Osteochondral Allograft Integration (2017)

Use of PRP and BMAC in Rotator Cuff Surgery (2017)


Can New Techniques Really Replace Cartilage Lost to Arthritis?

Navigating the Field of Stem Cells

Nonoperative and Operative Soft-Tissue, Cartilage, and Bony Regeneration and Orthopaedic Biologics of the Shoulder: An Orthoregeneration Network (ON) Foundation Review

Nonoperative and Operative Soft-Tissue and Cartilage Regeneration and Orthopaedic Biologics of the Knee: An Orthoregeneration Network (ON) Foundation Review

Rotator Cuff Augmentation with a Dermal Allograft to Improve Clinical Outcomes


The Use of OrthoBiologics in Clinical Practice

Biologic Augmentation of Rotator Cuff Tears

Blood-derived Products: Hype or Fake?

The Orthobiologic Institute Virtual Symposium: About the ON Foundation

Use of PRP for foot and ankle conditions at Rush

Use of PRP for lateral epicondylitis

Use of orthobiologics in spine surgery at Rush

Midwest Orthopaedic Surgeons at Rush educate patients on the proper indications and expectations related to the use of stem cell therapies and orthobiologics

Dr. Cole’s use of stem cells during rotator cuff repair

PRP for Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis at Midwest Orthopedics

Use of orthobiologics and research at Rush

OrthoBiologic Efforts at Rush

New Frontiers in Biologics

PRP and Research at Rush | Midwest Orthopaedics

Platelet Rich Plasma and Injection Technique

Stem Cells for the Treatment of Arthritis | Dr. Brian Cole

Bone Marrow Aspiration from 2017 Chicago Sports Medicine Symposium | Brian Cole MD, MBA




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