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Explore this section for multimedia resources directed at patients or other audiences without a medical background.

For in-depth medical and scientific information, including peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, surgery demonstrations and more by Dr. Cole, visit the Academic Resource Library.

Surgical & Non-Surgical

Brian Cole, MD, MBA is an expert in shoulder, elbow and knee surgery. He is the Chairman of Surgery at Rush Oak Park Hospital and leads the Rush Orthopedic Master’s Program. Dr. Cole holds several leadership positions in national and international orthopedic societies. He has a dedicated clinical staff and assistants to assist in delivering high-quality and expert care. Dr. Cole’s patients describe his practice as compassionate, available and willing to offer novel solutions to avoid surgery whenever possible. Dr. Cole speaks often on the importance of A Surgeon’s Intuition…Listen Before You Operate, and has been featured on TEDX talks speaking on Sparing the Scalpel: A Surgeon’s Perspective on the Future of Orthopedics.