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Point of Contact:

(312) 432-2482
[javascript protected email address]

  • Polar Care Wave
  • Iceman
  • Gel Ice-Wrap
  • Crutches
  • Abduction Sling
  • Hinged Knee Brace
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NES)


Point of Contact:

(630) 351-3333
(630) 307-7306

  • Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Machine


Point of Contact:

Kassie Howard – Office Supervisor
(800) 455-4204 opt 4 or ext 16
[javascript protected email address]
(773) 248-4554

  • Recovery Plus Unit

If you are unclear as to the equipment that may be prescribed for you following surgery, please email Dr. Coles administers at [javascript protected email address].

Each DME provider will contact your insurance company prior to your surgery to verify your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefits. Please contact the appropriate provider for an estimate on out of pocket fees.

Cold and Ice Therapy Options

Polar Care Wave Operating Instructions & Troubleshooting

Post-op Knee Brace Patient Application

Post-op Donjoy Ultrasling Patient Application

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NES) Patient Instructions

At Home NMES Therapy Reduces OA Symptoms

Acknowledgement of Patient Responsibility

You are currently scheduled for surgery with Dr. Brian Cole and may be prescribed durable medical equipment for use post operative. Equipment may include a brace, Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Machine, Ultrasling (shoulder) or an ice compression device (knee, elbow or shoulder). It is recommended that you use the equipment prescribed to facilitate your postoperative recovery and rehabilitation. We believe that when prescribed, these devices are an integral part of achieving a successful outcome.

Miomed, Motion Medical Technologies and Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush are the primary companies that our office works with to provide equipment if it is deemed medically necessary by Dr. Cole. Other companies may also provide similar equipment. Prior to your surgery, our office will submit your insurance and pertinent clinical information to the appropriate company so that they can verify your insurance benefits. Their staff will attempt to contact you prior to surgery to discuss your insurance coverage and the possibility of “out-of-pocket” expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses will depend on the terms of your individual insurance policy. Please understand that by its very nature, insurance is considered “risk sharing” and most carriers will not cover all aspects of your peri-operative care leaving some expenses for patient responsibility.

Following your surgery, if the insurance does not cover the prescribed equipment, the company will submit a letter of medical necessity to your insurance to appeal this decision. There is still no guarantee of payment and certain insurance policies will not cover equipment, regardless of the significant benefit and medical necessity. Please contact your insurance company prior to your surgery to verify your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefits. If you are unclear as to what equipment may be prescribed for you following surgery, please call Valerie McKenzie at , Valerie Gamez at , or Maeghan Vickerstaff at . Following surgery, we recommend that you contact the DME company directly with any concerns.

If you have any further questions please contact Valerie M, Valerie G, or Maeghan at the numbers above. You may also contact the equipment companies directly.

Partners in Medical Equipment Care