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Brian Cole, MD (Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Ill.): When we look at the frequency of utilizing osteochondral allografts over the last 10 year for the treatment of symptomatic articular cartilage problems, it has increased dramatically to the point where we are performing nearly 100 transplants each year. Initially, at Rush, we often used cell-based treatment for non-bone defects in younger patients. We were concerned that using an osteochondral allograft would potentially lead to subsequent problems related to the development of a symptomatic osteochondral problem. However, the procedure has become easier, more efficient, and cost-effective with predictably good outcomes. We recently published outcomes in elite athletes with successful results related to return to sports. Among the older age group, fresh osteochondral allografts seem to work as well or better than other joint replacement treatments when the disease is relatively limited.

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Source: Becker’s Healthcare