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Successful Bilateral Microfracture Surgery
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - November 30, 2018

Dr. Cole performed bilateral microfracture surgery along with bilateral AMZ and ACI procedures on my knees. He and his physicians assistants, Natalie Podboy and Kyle Pilz, have been very easy to talk to, have answered any questions that my family or I might have, and have been great people to be associated with. Prior to having surgery, I was unable to participate in sports fully but am now able to do basically all of the physical activities that I so choose. While recovering from surgery, having a positive mindset and an optimistic outlook expedites the recovery process. Being active has always taken a great part of my life as I have grown up playing, watching, and following numerous sports most notably basketball, football, baseball, and golf so being able to LiveActive again has given me more appreciation for being healthy and being able to participate in numerable sports.

I am thankful for Dr. Cole and his staffs procedures that they have performed on my knees and for their assistance throughout the process.