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I can be the athlete, father, and husband I want to be after multiple ACL surgeries
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - November 18, 2022

I first tore my left ACL playing soccer in May 2018. I had surgery with a different surgeon and quickly had a re-tear in 2019. I saw Dr. Cole for the first time for the revision surgery, and it’s been 100% since. I then tore my right ACL playing soccer in August 2021 and had surgery with Dr. Cole again in September. The surgical outcomes, I can now say, are excellent. I am back to biking, soccer, volleyball, skiing, running, all of it, thanks to Dr. Cole and his all-star team.

I recently completed two serious gravel bike races, including a 7-hr, 86-mile ride in northern Wisconsin, finishing in the top 30% (I am not really a biker). I am back to playing soccer with my kids and running in 5K events with them. I'm even headed to Colorado to ski this winter.

Dr. Cole, Paige, Kaily, all of you. Thank you for making me whole a second time--mentally and physically. You lifted me out of the depths of depression severely injured athletes can experience. Thanks to you I can be the athlete, father, and husband I want to be. I hope I do not need to see you much in the future, but it's nice to know you’re there.