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Carolena Carstens wins spot in Pan American Games 6 months after ACL reconstruction
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - June 12, 2019

Just a short 6 months after her ACL reconstruction, Carolena Carstens, 2 time Olympian and ranked 8th in the world in Taekwando, won a remarkable match at the Roberto Duran Center in Panama 54-9 against her opponent earning the right to represent Panama in the Pan American Games. Congratulations to an absolute superstar athlete!

The Panamanian Carolena Carstens classifies Lima 2019

The Panamanian Carolena Carstens got her classification for the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, after winning the qualifying match against the Panamanian, Natalia Stanziola.

The match was held at the Roberto Durán Arena, and it was the only available space for Panama at -57kg.

Carstens beat Stanziola by 54-9, in the three agreed rounds, getting her third classification to a Pan American Games. Previously she competed in the editions of Guadalajara 2011 and Toronto 2015.

This was Carstens' first fight, after the cruciate ligament rupture, on one of her knees, which she suffered in November 2018.

"I am happy because I come from a very serious injury, and the truth is that I am very early in my rehabilitation, but thank God I was able to come and fight and demonstrate my level," said the Panamanian.

"I did not want to miss the Pan American Games, it's a big dream to be able to win a medal for my country, and I said I would do everything possible to be good," Carstens continued. "I'm fine, but not 100%, my knee is swollen," she said.

The Panamanian was accompanied by her coach, the Spanish Brigitte Yagüe, who as an athlete was three times champion and Olympic runner-up, and who is the wife of coach Carstens, Juan Antonio Ramos.

Yagüe considered Carstens' performance very good, going forward, looking very determined and without fear after a long time without competing.

Carstens will continue with her preparation in Spain, towards the Pan American Games in Lima 2019. Between the preparation she does not rule out competing in any previous tournament, and with her team, she will train together with athletes from Cuba and the Ivory Coast, who will also be prepare for international commitments.