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Today with my healed rotator cuff, I wonder why I waited so long to have the procedure
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - April 04, 2023

I am one of those people who put off rotator cuff surgery for two years. I could not sleep at night due to shoulder pain, and I was having difficulty doing simple tasks like brushing my dogs or lifting my arm. I could not enjoy golf, or any physical activities without shoulder pain at night. The pain would wake me from a sound sleep. The pain worsened even after PT, and I realized my quality of life was going downhill. Fortunately for me, I had Dr. Cole and his team on my side. After my MRI it was concluded that I had a full rotator cuff tear and PT would not resolve the issue. Dr. Cole told me about an additional procedure that I qualified for called a Bone Marrow Aspiration Concentration (BMAC). During my surgery to repair my rotator cuff, I would have an injection of my own bone marrow into the surgery site. BMAC is known to promote healing by as much as 30%. Well, here I am 6 months later, with full mobility, no night pain, and back to all my normal activities. I credit Dr. Cole and his team for all their wisdom and outstanding surgical procedures. I also followed a post surgical regimen suggested by Dr. Cole, and felt that the PT exercises facilitated a full recovery.

Finally, I want to add that Dr. Cole’s knowledge of the shoulder is exemplary. During our pre- and post-surgical appointments, he took the time to explain in detail my specific injury and also offer me much needed encouragement. Today as I sit here with my healed shoulder, and I wonder why I waited so long to have the procedure? Not to mention all the Ibuprofen I found myself using so frequently. I am so grateful to have found Dr Cole, and even more thrilled that I did not put this off one day longer.