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Successful revision shoulder surgery allowed me to sleep and exercise again!
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 06, 2018

My husband and I are in our mid-forties, and for our 18th wedding anniversary decided to go skiing. To make a long story short, I fell down and had surgery with a local orthopedic doctor in February 2014. My initial surgeon performed a rotator cuff repair and removed bone spurs.

I had intense physical therapy for three months after surgery. Due to a frozen shoulder, I needed a manipulation in May 2014. I continued with physical therapy for another six months. However, I continued to experience pain and had difficulty sleeping when I laid on my operated shoulder and when I exercised. Truthfully, I was not satisfied with the care I was receiving nor the customer service from my surgeon.

After talking to my sister-in-law, she scheduled an appointment for me to see Dr. Cole of Midwest Orthopedics at RUSH in Chicago. Dr. Cole recommended another surgery. Dr. Cole and his team made sure I had an integrated treatment and even invited my physical therapist to the surgery. One of his team members called me for three days at home to check on my status post-operatively. Unlike my initial surgery, I experienced no vomiting or nausea after surgery. The quality before and after surgery was like night and day kudos to Dr. Cole. Also, Dr. Coles team managed the level of pain I was experiencing more effectively and listened to my concerns. More importantly, Dr. Coles surgery, after intense physical therapy, gave me significantly better range of motion.

After four months post-surgery and therapy, I am able to attend my fitness classes, such as cxworks, bootcamp, bodypump, and running. I feel stronger, confident, and I feel good. I am very grateful to Dr. Cole and his team. Dr. Cole is the MAN!