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Treating the Patient, not the MRI: Finding Surgical and Non-Surgical Success with Dr. Cole
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 21, 2018

In 2009, I found Dr. Cole after an exhaustive search and Castle Connolly referral. He performed a meniscus repair on my left knee after months of unsuccessful PT. Two years later, he performed a meniscus repair on my right knee. In 2014, I had a total meniscus tear after an auto accident and was told by a prominent Orthopedic Surgeon in my hometown that I needed immediate major surgery to repair it. I flew all the way from Florida to Chicago for a second opinion from Dr. Cole, expecting to get a third surgery from him. He took a look and said: No surgery, lets just get rest and rehab.

It has now been 4 years. Both knees are pain free. I golf and workout every day. I do lots of demanding workouts with emphasis on the core and legs. I was recently even feeling good enough to come out of retirement to put on a jump rope show for my niece at her school! Not bad for 60 year old knees!

If You Want The VERY Best In Ortho Care You Need To See Dr. Cole!

One other plus for Dr. Cole (as if he needs another plus) is that his PAs and staff are OUTSTANDING! The care I received after my meniscus surgery was unbelievable. Dr. Cole and his PAs were lightning fast at getting back to me via e-mail or phone on any questions I had. A really nice change from what you might expect at the average doctors office.

All in all, it is very obvious why he is considered #1. Despite having such a busy practice, his team knows how to keep things moving and make me feel like I am his only patient! My healthcare experience tells me: Volume = Quality. It would be tough to find someone with more experience under his belt than Dr. Cole! You saved me Dr. Cole, you are the best!!! Please dont retire. Thank you for always putting your patients first.