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American Ninja Warrior back to Competition after ACL Tear
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - August 19, 2020

Before my injury, I was an All Star cheerleader and an American Ninja Warrior competitor. I tore my ACL at practice on January 7 th, went through a month of prehab, and had surgery on March 4 th. Strengthening my leg pre surgery definitely helped speed up my recovery. Post-op I had some appointments with Dr. Cole’s PAs who were very knowledgeable and kind. Then, I started my rehabilitation at Midwest Orthopedics. My therapist gave me exercises to do at home in order to continue strengthening my knee. The sessions were not easy, however, I could tell I was improving and that my knee was recovering. Additionally, I was fitted with a knee brace that included STIM therapy, which also helped my recovery. After 12 weeks rehab, they sent me over to the Sports Performance Center for sport specific therapy. Here, I focused on strength, agility, and technique. Each session was geared specifically towards my two sports. The facility had advanced equipment and therapists with expertise on helping athletes return to their specific sports. I went through 9 weeks of this intense therapy. Remarkably, only 5 ½ months after surgery, I was fully recovered and back to my sports. The plan Dr. Cole provided, and the amazing therapy sessions, allowed me to return to sports with no lost skill. This was phenomenal for me. Overall, I’m very grateful for Dr. Cole and his team. They helped me get back to where I was and have helped me leave feeling stronger than before.