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Knee Problem
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - March 20, 2020

At 54 years old – you can try to forget the years but you can’t ignore the mileage.

I came to Dr Cole after a relatively catastrophic cartilage “pop and lock” in my right knee and given that I already had cartilage surgery in that same knee twice before - the prognosis for a full recovery was not good at all.

Dr Cole and his team warned me that nothing was assured and went in to do their best.

Now that I am a year past the surgery, I am lifting higher weights and cycling and swimming faster than I did at the time of my injury. Not likely that I will be returning to soccer or basketball – but – never say never :-)

For anyone facing the same situation, let offer that yes it will take a lot of time and effort to get back to strength, but also that Dr Cole is just as good at keeping us old guys in the game as he is at keeping the professionals at their best.

Thanks to him it will be more than a few years (instead of a few weeks) before I will eventually have to get a knee replacement to carry me into my final years.

Thanks for keeping me on my feet.