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Humeral Head Transplant Restores Quality of Life
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - November 28, 2018

Justin, age 17, was diagnosed with chondrolysis of his right shoulder. He suffered from incredible pain which he had endured for over a year. He was not able to use his right arm to comb his hair, put on a shirt; normal activities of daily living became a challenge. He had interrupted sleep every night from the pain he experienced. He had been a competitive swimmer since the age of seven and he was not able to participate in the sport he loved and had trained so hard for.

In November 2008, Justin had a humeral head transplant. The surgery was performed by Dr. Brian Cole and his team. We, as a family, were so confident in Dr. Cole, and knew that whatever decision he made, it was going to be the best decision for Justin. The day after surgery Justin knew that his shoulder was different.