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Back to competitive swimming after shoulder surgery
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - February 28, 2020

Growing up, I was very successful in swimming. I was apart of team Indiana and won many top eight finishes in the state. Around my freshman year of high school I started feeling pain in my upper back and shoulders. I knew from the beginning that it was more pain than just a sore shoulder. After seeing multiple doctors from my small town in Indiana, we knew that seeing a professional was necessary. Dr. Cole and his team were different than any group of doctors I saw prior to them. They listened to what I had to say and worked efficiently to make me pain free. Shoulder surgery was easily one of the most mentally testing and physically challenging things I have ever done. While doing limited physical activity, I also had to come to terms with missing multiple seasons with my team. With the support from my friends, family, and doctors, eventually the challenge became easier. I began going to physical therapy twice a week and started to do light workouts on my own. Knowing that getting back in the pool was my goal, motivation came easy. After about seven months of physical therapy I was finally allowed back in the pool. It started slow, with just kicking for several months. But, eventually I was able to throw in some yardage of swimming and gain back the muscle I lost while out of the pool. Today I am back competing as a varsity swimmer for my high school as well as training six days a week for my club team. I am competing at the Indiana State meet next month and cannot wait to see what the future still has in store. Shoulder surgery tested my limits but taught me some very important lessons along the way. I cannot thank Dr. Cole and his team enough for all of their dedication towards allowing me a painless future in my sport.