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Non-Joint replacement surgery for my shoulder arthritis allowed me to return to my mission work without pain
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 06, 2018

Hey Dr Cole

My name is Steve Troglio, you worked on my shoulder 4 years ago. At the time you did a procedure to give me time before needing a replacement from all the years of being a athlete and doing construction work. At the time my biggest concern was being able to continue to build mission churches in Mexico and other countries of great need. 2 Years after the surgery I was part of building a church in Mexico. Next month I will be going to build another. I could not be able to continue to do what I am doing without the work that you did on me. I am thankful for your God given skills and for your dedication for the well being of those you treat. So on behalf of a small congregation in a remote part of Mexico I want to thank you in advance for being a part of the building of their new church! On a side note-Im back benching in the high 300s the shoulder is getting stronger just a little noisy (probably not the best thing to tell you-lol)

Again thanks & God bless