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Quality of life restored! Back to tennis and golf after my shoulder replacement!
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 21, 2018

I lead a very active life. About 18 months ago I developed pain in my left shoulder that progressively got worse as time went by. Eventually the pain was bad enough that it was greatly affecting my daily life, so it became time to seek medical help. I contacted Dr. Brian Coles office. The diagnosis was that I needed a total shoulder replacement to alleviate the pain. This diagnosis was confirmed by a second shoulder specialist. So, I had Dr. Cole perform the surgery in mid-December of 2017.

My recovery started typical enough, but soon both my physical therapist and I noticed that I was very rapidly progressing so much so that 10 weeks post-op, I was able to return to playing tennis and golf! I am right-handed, so tennis was a little less active with my left shoulder, but not golf, which needs two healthy shoulders. I was 2-3 months ahead of a typical recovery for this type of procedure. Even everyday things, like putting on a coat or doing household chores, were easy to do once again. My life was very quickly returning to the level I was at before the shoulder pain began. This is a testament to Dr. Coles knowledge and experience.

I sincerely want to thank Dr. Cole and his staff for their expertise and dedication to their patients. My quality of life has been fully restored! THANK YOU!