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Elated after my rotator cuff repair
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 06, 2018

Dr. Cole and his staff are the benchmark for professionalism, talent, and attention to the patient. Im a Medicare patient so my expectations were rather low. My case and the associated MRI and orthograph was reviewed by Chuck one of Coles PAs. His diagnosis and explanation of my rotator cuff injuries were spot on. Dr. Cole then explained the extent of my injury and recommended surgery. The outpatient procedure was in by 7:00, out by noon! The anesthesiologist Dr. Patterson recommended a straight forward pain medication process that worked perfectly, and I experienced absolutely no pain. The recommendation for the constricting jacket with the chilled water was a comfort for the first 10 days. After four weeks, I met with Kyle, another of Dr. Coles PAs, and he checked me out and noted that the progress and motion were coming along well. Dr. Cole came in as well, and recommended that the therapy be viewed as a Marathon and not a race. I had my last visit this last week. and once again, Kyle, Chuck, and Dr. Cole confirmed that I was ready to start strengthening at my own pace, and that the result was what they had hoped for in terms of motion and strength to this point. The big surprise is that through it all, there has been nearly NO PAIN. No, this aint me first Rodeo. I have been through orthopedic surgeries before as a result of sports activities. I have to say that the discomfort, recovery, and therapy have been much easier, and pain-free than I could ever have imagined. My shoulder was a mess from previous injuries and a bad bicycle accident when I went in to see Dr. Cole. In my opinion, the results are near miraculous, and Dr. Cole and his staff are HEROES in my book! Thanks for a great job Doc !