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Practice Policy Update regarding COVID-19
Olympic Skater and College Soccer Champion Back after ACL Reconstruction
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 07, 2018

What do you take away from last year where the team didnít fare too well and you missed most of it with an injury?

I think if we forget about it, itís not a useful season. Obviously things did not go well. You can either look back on it and be super upset or look back on it and grow. I think the seniors last year would want us to look back on it and grow, and I think thatís what weíre going to do. We felt the defeat. We felt being where we were, and we never want to be there again. We have 10 new freshmen coming in ó a completely new identity ó and I think thatís something the people that were here get to carry the hurt we felt and know weíre never going to be in that spot again. The freshmen are new eyes. They havenít felt that and just want to win.

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