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Cartilage transplant gave me a new lease on life
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - November 29, 2022

Prior to my surgery consisting of osteochondral allografts to my medial and lateral femoral condyles, I had persistent knee pain requiring medication to sleep through the night. My range of motion was deteriorating, such that I was having difficulty raising myself off the floor. I have always been very active and over the past couple decades, I had developed affinities for tennis, jogging, and skiing. I absolutely couldn’t jog due to the pain. My tennis needed to be severely cut back. The impact of skiing moguls was just too much. I was becoming less active and more sedentary.

Right now, I am pain free, have full range of motion, and can jog! I’m back at tennis which I missed tremendously. My golf swing always needs improvement, but enjoying my time on the course. I’ve also added lifting as I saw the benefits in working with PT. I’ve trimmed down and am active nearly every day. I feel as though I have a new lease on life.

My surgery had been performed at Rush Oak Brook Surgery Center. Stayed at Hyatt House Oak Brook which was convenient. Obility Medical let me use a continuous passive motion (CPM) while I was in town and they shipped another to my home before I left. This was great because I was able to get everything set up before I even left home. The colePA email system you have in place is wonderful. Prompt, reliable, helpful. The PAs I interacted with were always responsive, thoughtful, warm, and kind.

The most difficult part of this entire process was being non weight bearing for 6 weeks! Unbelievable how difficult that was. The winter months with snow, ice, freezing rain didn’t help whatsoever. It was my right knee, so driving was out. Having great life companions is invaluable. My work life also needed to be altered. Nice to have accommodating partners. PT performed locally with your protocols sent electronically to my providers.

Overall, this has been an incredible success! I’m now fully recovered and have returned to all of my sporting activities of tennis, golf, jogging, and biking. I am forever grateful to Dr. Cole for his astute clinical acumen and surgical expertise.