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Team USA Ultrarunner's Progress After Knee Surgery
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - October 12, 2020

Dr. Cole,

I cannot say thank you enough for giving running back to me. It’s such a huge part of my life. Running is MANY things to me. It’s the majority of my social time, as I run with friends. It enables me to be able to eat without fear of being fat again (I was 213 lbs in my early 30’s). Running in different places when we travel allows me to explore a lot more than I could otherwise. Running mentally and physically keeps me healthy.

When I met you in April of 2019, I couldn’t run without pain. It was in July where I received an osteochondral allograft and stem cells during my procedure with you. Long story short, I am currently back to running. I built up to running close to 70 mile weeks (my pre-injury normal was 80-85 miles per week) and ran and WON a 100 miler on 7/11/2020. I am back to HAPPILY RUNNING 45-60 miles per week (usually 6 days of running). THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES’ LIVES!!!!