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Published on: 08-May-2023

Do you want to build your lower biceps so that your arms look more defined and toned?

Even though most people think of the biceps as being in the upper arm, the lower biceps are also very important for making the arm look well-rounded and shaped. No matter how high the peak of your biceps may be, if the mass of your biceps does not extend to your elbow, you will appear to have only half an upper arm.

Even though there isn’t a special exercise for the lower biceps, some exercises can help the muscles in that area get stronger and more defined. Let’s discuss some good exercises and methods to help you build your lower biceps and reach your arm goals.

The 5 Best Lower Bicep Exercises

Now you’ll find out why these lower bicep workouts work and how to do them properly to get the most out of them.

Dumbbell preacher curl

Significant tension is placed on your biceps when your elbows are close to maximum extension while performing preacher curls with dumbbells. Consequently, the lower muscle fibers must contract strongly during the first few inches of the concentric phase.

These fibers are also subjected to a tremendous elongation during the eccentric portion of the rep.

Additionally, dumbbells allow you to maximally supinate the palms of your hands at the peak of each repetition. This increased supination intensifies the maximal contraction and recruits the maximum muscle fibers.

  1. Hold a dumbbell with your underhand and sit at the preacher’s curl spot.
  2. Put your arm against the pad for support and let your elbow go out.
  3. Flex your arms and pull the weight toward your shoulder.
  4. Keep lifting the weight until the bottom of your wrist touches your biceps.
  5. Keep the high contraction going for a few seconds.
  6. Slowly lower the dumbbell until your elbows hit their full range of motion.
  7. Change arms and do 3–5 sets of 12 reps on each side.
Hammer curls

This exercise works the brachialis muscle, which is found under the biceps and can help push the biceps up and out. Keep your form precise and controlled throughout the action to properly target the brachialis muscle.

Try using a weight that lets you do 8–12 reps with good form, and as you get stronger, slowly increase the weight. Adding hammer curls to your general biceps workout can add variety and help you work out different parts of your arms.

Here is how to do hammer curls to directly target the brachialis:

  1. Position your feet so that your shoulders are slightly wider than your hips, and hold a dumbbell with each hand with both palms facing in.
  2. Hold your shoulders back and down and your arms close to your sides
  3. With your hands facing each other, slowly bring the weights up to your shoulders.
  4. Focus on squeezing your biceps and brachialis as you curl the weight. Your brachialis muscle should tighten up very much.
  5. Stop at the top of the movement for a second or two, then slowly lower the weights back to the starting position.
  6. Do it again as many times as you can.

Cable Concentration Curl

Want to work on your lower biceps? You might find that the sitting cable concentration bicep curl is the best workout for you. This move is similar to the preacher curl but keeps the stress on your arms the whole time. Your front delts don’t help you at all. Plus, you cannot deceive by swinging the bar up because your knees support your arms.

The cable pulley is also challenging because it keeps putting pressure on your arms, so they never get a chance to rest. Even when your arms are out, the wire pulley will make your lower biceps work hard and stretch deeply. If you try this move, your lower arms will get stronger than ever.

  1. To do the sitting cable focus bicep curl, move a bench close to a low pulley and hook a straight bar.
  2. After that, sit on the bench, take a supinated hold on the bar, and lay your elbows on the knees while bending down at the waist.
  3. Allow your elbows to fully extend so that the load stretches your biceps muscles.
  4. Afterward, curl the bar towards the center of your chest, bringing the undersides of the armpits into contact with your biceps.
  5. Hold the top tension for one second, and then gradually lower the bar with full control until your arms are fully stretched.
  6. Do 3–5 sets of 10-15 repetitions of the practice.

Reverse Curls

Reverse curls are an excellent approach to work the brachioradialis muscles or for bodyweight bicep workouts, which are in the wrist and help build the biceps. Reverse curls are performed by grabbing a barbell with forearms facing down and bringing the weight up toward your shoulders while maintaining elbows close to the body. As you become stronger, raise the weight to a point where you can complete 8–12 repetitions with the proper technique.

Reverse curls may offer diversity and concentrate on various biceps muscles for a more complete and efficient exercise.

  1. Place a barbell in front of the thighs and stand with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart.
  2. Keep your shoulders back and arms close to your sides.
  3. Lift the dumbbell slowly towards the shoulders, keeping your hands facing down.
  4. Focus on tightening the muscle known as the brachioradialis on the outside of your wrist while you lift the weight.
  5. Hold the peak tension for a few seconds before slowly returning the hammer to the initial position.
  6. Repeat until you’ve done as many times as you want.
  7. This exercise works the brachioradialis muscle, adding variation to your biceps workout and helping your muscles grow healthily.

Lying Bicep Curl

The flat bicep curl is one of the most difficult exercises for the lower arms. You’ll feel the effort with only one-half of the weight you’re accustomed to curling! Although the peak contraction is lower than with other bicep workouts, the incredible stretch will assist you in developing your biceps in ways you never thought possible.

Slowly lower the weights to get the most stress on your lower arms while performing the rep’s eccentric period.

  1. To do the workout, lay back on a flat bench and pick up a pair of relatively light weights.
  2. Let your elbows hang out to the side, then curl your weights toward the back of your shoulders while maintaining your elbows still.
  3. At the top, squeeze your arms and slowly lower the weights until the elbows are fully stretched.
  4. Try to do 3–5 sets of 10–15 reps each to feel the burn.

Preacher curls are most likely the best exercise for building your lower biceps.

Until now, the growth of the lower bicep has received little research attention. Still, research indicates that preacher curls are particularly challenging for the biceps during the first few inches of movement when the lower bicep muscle fibers are most active.

You should include more exercises than preacher curls in your lower bicep routine.

In addition, by exercising your biceps from various angles and thus recruiting a wide range of muscle fibers, you will go a long way toward ensuring that your lower biceps grow at an optimal rate.