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Published on: 18-Dec-2023

One of the hardest decisions to make as a health sciences student is choosing the field of specialization for your career growth. However, if you’re a sports enthusiast or love helping people, you may want to consider becoming a sports medicine nurse. 

Sports medicine nurses experience a challenging but rewarding career that involves leading an active lifestyle around athletes’ lives. If you’re considering a career in sports medicine nursing, here are some of the key reasons why you should proceed with this career path:

A Job with a Good Salary

Besides doing what you love, the other main reason for becoming a sports medicine nurse is to earn a decent salary and live a comfortable life. Training as a sports injury nurse involves a lot of offline and online studies like enrolling in PhD nursing online programs and engaging in endless practical lessons. With such intense training, you can expect to rightfully earn a decent salary from about $70,000 to $90,000 annually.

Opportunity to Achieve Continuity in Sports

Sports are among the widely followed socio-cultural events globally, and the help you offer to one or more participants can go a long way. Besides directly helping with on and off-field injuries, your contribution to the athletes’ general well-being is significant to the sports world. The masses following iconic sports personnel love to see them on their feet doing what they do best. That means your nursing services will help the masses enjoy continuity in sports.

A Great Chance to Network

A career in sports medicine nursing is an excellent opportunity for networking. For one, you get to meet the great sportsmen and women whom you directly help with your nursing services. These persons could introduce you to their teammates or other influential people who need similar services. Additionally, you could meet other more experienced medical personnel in the same career path, who could share knowledge and hold your hand up the career ladder.

Opportunity to Travel

The opportunity to travel the world for work is always a desire for many employees as it comes with numerous benefits. In your career in sports medicine, you’ll have endless opportunities to travel with teams to their numerous away games. While at it, you can enjoy the buzzing life of different cities and interact with different cultures globally. And the best thing is that you enjoy all these while still earning your monthly pay!

Additionally, for those considering a travel nursing career, it’s important to note the potential for a lucrative travel nurse’s income. Travel nurses often receive competitive compensation packages, including higher hourly rates, stipends for housing and meals, and sometimes even bonuses for completing assignments, making it an attractive option for those seeking both adventure and financial stability.

Work in Varying Setups

According to a Udemy 2016 Workplace Boredom Report, 43% of U.S. full-time office workers reported boredom at work. One of the major reasons for boredom at work was a lack of enough work, but this isn’t always the case with sports medicine nursing. 

As a sports medicine nurse, you can work in varying setups like high schools, colleges, and professional sports centers all at once. This means you’ll always have something to do in different environments to minimize your chances of lazing around and getting bored.

A Bubbling and Exciting Experience

Unlike the usual monotonous experiences associated with other nursing jobs, sports medicine nursing offers a bubbling and exciting experience. While there are still instances of dealing with athletes’ pain and tears, sports medicine nursing is much more fun and exposes you to new and exciting opportunities than a regular nursing job would. You won’t always have to worry about a regular nine-to-five schedule that leaves you tired and drained all year round!

Positive Pressure to Advance Your Learning

Sports medicine nurses face stiff competition when advancing their careers and climbing the professional ladder. If, at one point, you want to pursue top positions in this field, then it’s paramount that you go for an advanced degree to be able to beat the competition. While this might look like too much pressure initially, getting the advanced degree sets you in a safer position to enjoy even better rewards from this already rewarding career.

Becoming a sports medicine nurse has its fair share of challenges, but equally more is its long list of benefits. From enjoying a decent salary to advancing your studies for an even brighter future, you can always count on this career to give you a fulfilling life.