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Published on: 06-Jan-2023

A viral treadmill workout is proving to have some staying power and long-term weight-loss benefits. The 12-3-30 workout, developed by TikTok influencer Lauren Giraldo, gets its name from the three treadmill settings that make up the workout: an incline of 12 percent, a speed of 3, and a duration of 30 minutes.

What is the 12-3-30 Workout?

The 12-3-30 workout is a treadmill-based workout popularized on social media. It was developed by 24-year-old YouTuber Lauren Giraldo, who first shared her routine in a YouTube video, but went viral when she posted it on Instagram and TikTok. She claims the workout helped her lose 30 pounds. The simplicity of the workout is appealing— maininting a 12 percent incline on a treadmill at a speed level of 3 for thirty minutes. While there are definitely benefits to be gained, the workout needs to be accompanied by weight training for a complete body workout, and it should be started slowly.

What Are the Potential Benefits?  

Walking has a number of benefits and continues to be a popular form of exercise. It is also gentler on the joints than other forms of cardio exercises. The formula is easy to remember, and it only takes 30 minutes, five days a week. While the incline makes it challenging, it is still just walking, which is attractive for those who don’t like to run. The incline drives up the heart rate and increases the respiratory rate and caloric expenditure, which improves cardiovascular health. It also builds muscle in the lower body due to the incline.

How to Get Started

It is important to start the 12-3-30 workout gradually to avoid an overuse injury. Here are some tips:

  • Warm up with slow stretches
  • If you’re new to walking, start on flat ground
  • Gradually add time to build up to 30 minutes
  • Slowly increase the incline at -3 or 4-degree intervals and gradually increase it over a 3-week period
  • Make sure to take recovery days and alternate with other activities
  • Supplement with stretching and strength training

Final Thoughts

While trending workouts help people get excited about trying something new and vary their exercise routine, any form of regular physical activity will lead to improved health. The benefits of regular exercise include improved heart, respiratory, and overall physical health, as well as improved mental health.