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Published on: 18-Nov-2021

Whether you’re running, boxing, or cross-training, having decent sports shoes is crucial. Not only is it more difficult mobility-wise with the wrong shoes, but it can also cause injury and derail your fitness journey. As the pandemic encouraged people to participate in more forms of physical activity, the need for the right shoes has grown. In fact, Facts and Factors estimates that the global market for athletic footwear is projected to reach $120 billion by 2026. So, before you purchase your next pair of sneakers, it’s worth taking a closer look at the reasons why choosing the proper athletic footwear is especially important.

Injury prevention

Physical activities can be very demanding on your feet, especially when it comes to high-impact sports. Exercises like running can put stress on your weight-bearing joints, which can result in joint pain or stress fractures. A Livestrong piece details how the right athletic footwear should have both the midsole cushioning and arch support to avoid unwanted injuries. Good athletic shoes should also offer a decent barrier between your feet and the outside environment; feet should be covered and secure at all times. This way, you can avoid cuts, scrapes, and musculoskeletal damage.Better performance

The right footwear should be designed specifically for the movements of one’s sport, whether that’s basketball or other forms of exercise. Elements like shock absorption, ankle support, as well as balance and stability are all essential for better performance. Different shoes are suited for certain sports.  The SoleSavy podcast features various sneakers that were specifically designed for basketball, such as the Curry 8. This type of shoe is suitable for the sport because it is lightweight, has great traction, and provides sufficient cushioning and support. This supports movements like pivoting feet, jumping, and running all at the same time. Overall, choosing the right shoes for your needs is vital because it ensures that they’re helping you succeed rather than hindering your performance.

Healthier feet

The proper athletic footwear will also help your feet stay healthy. If you’re always active in sports and physical activities, then make it a habit to check your feet regularly. They should be free of swelling, redness, sores, blisters, or calluses. This is especially important when coping with temporary or chronic injuries. At Sports Medicine Weekly, we discuss various ways of coping with such injuries, including learning more about them. Your recovery routine should also involve using the right pair of shoes to protect your feet from the enormous stress they go through in sports. If you’re consistently getting calluses, blisters, redness, or swelling in your feet after exercise, it may be time for new and better-fitting athletic shoes.


There’s one sure way to tell if you’re wearing the right shoes: they should be comfortable. Shoes that don’t feel naturally comfortable on your feet may be the wrong size, or you might have the wrong design for your needs. Even a short duration of wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause pain and stress to your tissues, bones, and joints. That said, comfortable shoes should cushion the foot with a good midsole. Well-fitting shoes should also aid in the alignment of your foot when it touches the ground. These will ensure that your feet are snug while you’re active in your sport or going through your exercise routine.

Proper athletic footwear is essential for anyone  whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual visitor at the gym. They ensure that you can move without having to worry about feeling pain and discomfort in your feet. So, pay attention to the kind of athletic shoes you buy for yourself.

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