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Published on: 14-Dec-2022

Every area of your life can be negatively impacted if you have knee problems, whether your knees are excruciatingly painful or simply not working as well as they once did. Even the most basic tasks, such as getting off the bed or climbing stairs, could be difficult for those with chronic knee issues. So of course, exercising may be considered an impossible challenge.

To remain healthy and go easy on your knees, consider low-impact, painless cardio activities that raise heart and breathing rates, burn calories, and reduce body fat. A commercial cardio machine is a helpful tool in such a situation. And, of course, you should get medical guidance before beginning any workouts if you have an injury.

Some of the best low-impact exercises for those with bad knees include:


The minimal impact of swimming makes it one of the finest aerobic exercises for persons with bad knees. Besides being incredibly adaptable, swimming is an efficient calorie burner as well. The body’s main muscular groups, such as the chest, glutes, and particularly the core, may work while swimming. The freestyle is one of the finest strokes, to begin with, since it may help burn over 100 calories per ten minutes and is often the quickest stroke as well. Stay motivated if swimming feels like an arduous task.


Another excellent way to burn calories and save your knees from further pain is rowing.

While strengthening your legs and arms, you can also improve your core. It is a true all-body exercise, and by changing the resistance and pace during the training, more difficult alternatives are also available.

Elliptical Training

Running on a treadmill is less effective than elliptical exercise because of its impact on your body. Running could cause stress on your joints and knees, leading to discomfort and inflammation. The danger of major knee damage while exercising on an elliptical machine is quite low and will also increase heart rate. Even while treadmills are theoretically better for burning calories, elliptical training is a better and more supportive type of cardio, making it worthwhile for people with bad knees.


Pilates might not be the first workout that comes to mind when looking for the best one for your damaged knees, yet it is a great choice. Pilates involves your full body and has several routines that work your lower body, especially regardless of if you’re working out on a mat or a reformer. Pilates is a good workout for enhancing posture, mobility, and balance and reducing tension and stress. It is one of the finest alternatives for improving muscle tone and joint mobility in the lower body when you have knee issues.


Bike riding is a popular aerobic exercise since it burns fat effectively inside and outside. Your general strength, particularly your knee flexibility, can be enhanced by cycling. Here are some recommendations for starting riding if you have aching knees. To ease the strain on your knees, avoid slopes when riding outside and stick to flat ground. Moreover, if you have bad knees that have lost flexibility, lift your seat a little so that you won’t have to bend them much while pedaling. You can generally start with a few of these suggestions and then tweak them as you get stronger.


You don’t have to compromise on your fitness routine even if you have a knee problem. We have listed some of the best exercises that you can perform to get the best out of your routine.