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Published on: 14-Sep-2022

According to research from the Global Wellness Institute, U.S. consumers spend more money on physical activities than any other country in the world – a gigantic $265 billion! This accounts for approximately one-third of the global industry, and proves that physical is highly valued in the U.S. culture, and rightly so.

Americans are well aware that exercising regularly is important and that it has many health benefits. It can strengthen muscles, improve mobility and help with weight loss – which are physical aspects everyone wants. Exercise can also improve circulation and reduce the risk of numerous health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease.

For these reasons, people often sign up for gyms or sports clubs. However, for those that lead really hectic lives, there are ways to stay healthy at home. Yet despite the ease of home workouts it can be harder to self-motivate if pressed for time. A tone-up guide by Gala Bingo explains that it is easy to get lost in everyday life, and sometimes we forget how easy it is to stay fit. We often choose convenience over fitness, or spend our money on other things. But fitness doesn’t have to come at a cost in terms of neither monetary nor time. Let us show you some ways you can get fitter with a few simple hacks that can be built into everyday life.

1. Get off the bus a stop late

If your bus stop is conveniently located near your destination, you could choose to get off at a farther drop off point and walk the extra distance. This may take a few extra minutes, but those minutes count as an exercise that can be easily incorporated into your daily route. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of enjoying a walk, which is an aerobic activity that is great for cardio, and you’ll enhance your body’s mobility simply by walking from one extra bus stop. Everyone has work, and everyone is busy, so this is an easy hack to incorporate into your daily schedule without having to go to a gym.

2. Get off the subway a stop early

Similar to the bus stop hack, getting off the subway a stop early is an easy way to incorporate an exercise routine into your daily schedule. One early stop will probably add 10-15 minutes to your travel time, so you’ll just need to leave a little earlier than usual. In fact, leaving early and combining it with a walk has been proven to boost mental health and relieve stress. Because you’re not running late, you can instead relax and enjoy the scenery while walking. This simple hack makes it easy to squeeze in some exercise while going to and from work, and it doesn’t require any workout equipment.

3. Take the stairs

If you spend part of your day waiting for an elevator, whether at work or in your building, don’t wait and take the stairs. Researchers from Duke University found that climbing two flights of stairs per day can result in 6 lbs. of weight loss over one year. It may sound like a long period of time, but your efforts will add up. But if weight loss is not your thing, climbing stairs can also make your legs stronger and improve the “good cholesterol” in your blood. The awesome thing about this hack is that you don’t even need a regular fitness plan because you’ll be able to strengthen your legs and lose weight without a StairMaster or similar equipment.

Getting a little exercise every day is important, but sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze a routine into an already busy schedule. Luckily, there are some creative hacks you can incorporate into your life without compromising work, deadlines, or family time. Try these suggestions out and be one step closer to being physically fit!