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Published on: 24-Nov-2023

When hearing the word boxing, the first thing that comes to mind for many are frightening blows or injuries. Boxing can be an excellent activity to get a healthy body. Boxing is a demanding sport but can also be entertaining and a great escape from routine. If you have just started practicing this sport or are considering doing so, here are several tips to help enjoy the workout.

But First, Why Should You Try Boxing?

If you are thinking about taking the step and starting boxing, let us tell you that it is an activity full of positive contributions. You can obtain many benefits as boxing works on numerous skills, turning you into a more complete athlete, freeing your body and mind from accumulated tensions, and increasing body awareness.

Boxing practice allows you to work deeply and completely. It is a very demanding discipline at a cardiovascular level in a high-intensity interval system that could be perfectly comparable to a HIIT workout. Boxing significantly improves agility and coordination, the latter being a challenge for those beginners who find it difficult to coordinate the movements of the different parts of their body. Everything works and improves quickly when there is a positive attitude and discipline! Also, do not forget that agility is essential to control the footwork required for this practice.

On the other hand, you will have to work on muscle tone both in the arms, shoulders, and in the middle area. You must prepare to deal with blows and to receive and resist them.

Many people believe that if they start boxing, they will have to face a tough opponent first. Nothing is further from reality! It is a very safe activity in which the integration of basic knowledge and the progressive improvement of technique prevail.

Here are a Few Tips:

Focus on Technique

Whether you practice it in person or from home, your instructor will gradually give you the most essential guidelines to improve the technique and execution of each movement. Maybe you have a great disposition and want to face an opponent first! 

But, believe us, it is essential to acquire the fundamentals and understand what each movement consists of, its reason for being, and its proper technique. Not only because this way you will get a more solid base and better projection but because you will regulate your energy, reduce the risk of injury, and be much better prepared.

Your trainer will be in charge of explaining to you what is the most appropriate training for your physical condition and body type. But training using a headband reflex ball will help you a lot. This exercise will help you increase your agility, concentration, and reflexes, skills that will be very useful to avoid any injury that may affect your well-being.

Jump Rope to Increase Your Cardiovascular Endurance

If you have ever watched a boxer train, you have probably seen him jump rope at high speed. They might even seem to fly! Maybe you think that reaching that level is impossible but everything requires training and great dedication. It is not at all unattainable! It is crucial to sew the proper material. With a good dose of desire, enthusiasm for learning, and discipline, you will progress and reach a level you never imagined.

The rope is a high-quality training tool to improve endurance, agility, and coordination. In addition, jumping rope is a complete cardiovascular exercise for the lower, middle, and upper body parts. And do not think that this exercise is only for boxing beginners. The most experienced boxers continue to use this material in their training.

Control Your Energy

You must learn to control your breathing to optimize resistance during practice. The cardiovascular demand of this discipline is very high, so you should reduce uncontrolled actions and put your breathing in tune with the movements. Only in this way will you be able to stay in good condition for longer, recover properly, and resist despite the intensity.

Among the techniques learned in boxing, breathing correctly in the ring is one of them. The general rule to control breathing is that you must inhale before hitting, and then you must expel the air after the blow. There are also techniques to reduce the heartbeat and thus reduce breathing.

Protect Yourself Properly

Get a mouth guard. It is also advisable to get protection for your head and genital parts. Although low blows are not allowed, it is likely that when starting, there will be some impact on these sensitive areas, which makes protective equipment essential. Using the appropriate head guard during your workouts will also make you feel more confident and less afraid of getting hit, so you could say that using protection will also help you psychologically.

Proper Warm-up

Warming up properly before the session will ensure that you will be more prepared to face the training (in addition to significantly reducing the risk of injury). To do this, dedicate about 10 minutes to gentle cardio (jumping rope, jogging, jumping jacks), mobilize the joints well, and work the core with a series of front and side planks.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is one of the most important things to keep in mind in boxing training. It is essential to drink water during training. This discipline is hard and makes people who practice it sweat profusely, so drinking water will help you regain strength and prevent your energy from decreasing, making it possible to maintain good performance in training.

Final Thoughts

Boing can bring incredible benefits to your health if you know how to take care of your well-being during your workouts. Although boxing is a demanding activity and blows or injuries are expected, this does not mean you should have an unpleasant time while practicing it. If you increase your cardiovascular resistance, stay hydrated, warm up properly, manage your energy, and use the recommended protection, you will be healthier, more active, and stronger thanks to boxing.