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Free from knee and shoulder pain after bilateral MPFL reconstructions and plication with Dr. Cole.
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 06, 2018

At was 35 years old, I was of normal weight yet could no longer climb a flight of stairs without a lot of pain, nor could I even walk a mile for light exercise with my family. Having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, it has been difficult to find a doctor to listen, identify a problem and help. After countless years and doctors, Dr. Cole was the first doctor who had ever said he could help me with my knee and shoulder pain. I was referred to him by a doctor who thought I needed a very major surgery on my legs yet was uncomfortable doing it on me. Dr. Cole knew right away that this surgery wasnt an answer to my problems, and instead he did bilateral MPFL reconstructions and plications. After recovery I could once run again, climb stairs, crawl on my knees and keep up with my husband and kids, just like someone in their mid 30s should be able to do. I am now 15 months post knee surgery and doing wonderful. A few months after my knee surgery, I asked Dr. Cole to look at my chronically painful shoulder. I was living with a kinesiso taped shoulder on a daily basis, which had been going on for a few years. Dr. Cole knew right away how he could help. He did a capsular plication of my left shoulder and I have been pain free for one year. There is no way I would ever let anyone work on my shoulders or knees other than Dr. Cole. He and his staff are amazing in every way, everything from professionalism, knowledge & intelligence to the ability to listen, be empathetic and most of all do great work!