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Anne Petersen Testimonial
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - December 07, 2018

I came to Dr. Cole feeling desperate, as all the doctors in my area had given up and told me that they could not help my knees and the one doctor who referred me to Dr. Cole stated I needed some very major surgeries that he was not comfortable doing. Dr. Cole knew right away that I did not need these major surgeries, that he could help me out with an MPFL repair and arthroscopic debridement. Surgeries on both knees went very smooth. Dr. Cole and his team were so amazing, and everything went so well, that a few months later I had him evaluate my shoulder too. This was another problem that I have had, that no doctors in my area seemed to be able to help with and it didnt take Dr. Cole long to know how to help. I had a capsular plication of the left shoulder and I am very grateful that I decided to do it.

Now I am able to run, climb stairs, play golf again, swim laps and do everything I used to be able to do as a teen. I could not be more grateful for Dr. Cole and his team. His PAs have also changed the path that I am on in school, I have decided that instead of going to medical school to be an MD, I am now planning to attend PA school, as I would like to be able to play such an integral role in patient care as the PAs at MOR do.