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High School Coach is Back in the Game
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Left Shoulder Capsular Release May 2007
Right Shoulder Capsular Release November 2010

Four years ago at age 54, three orthopedic surgeons told me that my left shoulder had no cartilage. It was arthritic and that was the reason for my limited range of motion and daily pain. All prescribed a total shoulder replacement, but I wasnt satisfied with the diagnosis. My determination led me to Dr. Brian Cole. After my first appointment, he gave me the hope that I was looking for, a complete capsular release which would give me pain relief and more mobility. It worked, but three years later my right shoulder was posing the same problems as the leftarthritic, pain and limited motion. Even with these hurdles I was still working out six to seven days a week at limited mobility.

Dr. Cole felt that surgery on my right shoulder with a capsular release would relieve the grinding in my shoulder, and even though there was bone on bone arthritis, my range of motion could get better. I was in therapy the day after surgery, and four months later, I am back to the strength I had before the surgery, and it is getting better every day. I can now play baseball again and golf. Being a high school offensive and defensive line football coach, it was important that my shoulders allow me to demonstrate powerful blocks to my students/players. Today my workouts are more intense, and I am living with minimal achiness in both shoulders.